Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Batch!

(Sorry for the delay! Thanksgiving week is hectic! I'll post the rest of my backlog soon. :-))

A Moment of Clarity

Announcement and Submission Call for Eighth Feminist Carnival of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Felt like bringing this up....

Heroes Pushes the WiR Button Again

Jerome, On Wonder Woman

Lives of the Lovelorn: The Black Knight [Spoilers, of course*]

Revisiting the Birds of Prey

Seventh Blog Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans!

To The Victor Went The Spoils (Checkmate #5, Cover Date October, 2006)

William Marston Responds

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell redmages that she is commenting on the wrong Teen Titans cover. :P The solited the miscolored version. The correct one is on Tony Daniel's blog (or Wikipedia). The star on Sungirl's chest was never meant to be a boob-hole (much like Speedy's arrow was never meant to be one but is often miscolored). Sungirl is also suppose to be a red head. Batgirl's mouth is covered like her old costume, but yes she now has a yellow lined cape for reasons I do not know.

Of course, the fact that these mistakes could even make it through shows some of the mentality of the colorist and editors. I just shake my head at the fact they never saw anything wrong with Sungirl's costume. I feel sorry for Tony Daniels when things like this happen because he ends up bearing the brunt of the backlash when it wasn't his intention.