Saturday, November 04, 2006

November 3rd

"Comic books and soap operas DO NOT MIX"

One of the most misogynist panels I’ve seen yet.

Writing More


A Girl Named Harley is a Soap Opera Superhero

Comic Book Wednesday

Linksies: Gaiman, Disney, Schulz

She-Hulk #13 - Making Simple Hard

Wonder Woman’s Greatest Stories

Marvel sees the light, again.

The Week in Comics

Wonder Woman Links

"...Comic stores have become little more than gateways into pornography and graphic violence."

"Did her child read the Boys issue 4?"

The death of Pornface? Don't get your hopes too high.

In Her Satin Tights, Fighting for Our Rights

“The Creepiest Avenger”

Kendra Jade makes a ridiculous Wonder Woman

Boys and girls….different?

(Reposted from my own blog.)

53 Shopping Days Left Until Xmas (Tangential)

I Miss Suck

Mad Science Is Not For Girls

Slash is going mainstream? (Tangential)

In which there are Charles Addams cartoons

Musings about Freedom Fighters...(No spoilers)

Why girls love boys love

The Fangirls Are Wrong

Getting Pissed off at Batman

YAOI Yadda Yadda

A very small sample of kids reading comics

Little Lulu archives to Harvard

Wonder Woman vs Xena: What shouldn't have been

My Thoughts On Yaoi


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LurkerWithout said...

Livejournal is having some kind of power issues with their servers...