Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holiday Backlog

Stephanie Brown Memorial Case - I Don't Agree.


Wonder Woman vs. Xena

The Last Temptation of Mark Millar

Dear DC Comics...

Wonder Woman vs. Xena

The Avengers Part II: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Review Time

She’s a Marvel

Marvel proves comics ARE soap operas

They couldn't have had any particular artist in mind, could they?

Marvel Announces Second Print of Anita Blake #1

But...but Supergirl has a belly button! And a skirt!

Thoughts on Heroes, episode 5

Child's Play

Skills you didn’t know Superman had

Runaways v2

Greenaway, Future of Media, Superficial Reality

Women want Anita Blake? Really?

EiE: Infusing Estrogen in the JSA, Shining Knight

Outside wank makes me happy

Clothes but not clothes enough...

Why Tamora Pierce is awesome.

The Best Comics Right Now.

Hmm. It's been a little here's what I've been up to...

Displacement Isn't a Solution

Dave Sim's blogandmail #46 (October 27th, 2006) (Double Size Issue!!)

Frabjous Day! Calloo Callay!

Mama Spank

Secret Sex

Blink logging

Good things from being the Designated Sidekick

The Batslap: Then & Now

Why oh why?

Yo, it's that time of year again.


Comics that make me buy comics (or, JLA as gateway drug)

Page 1 and Page 2 of Sin-drella, which to me seems like a comment on beauty culture.

Once Upon A Time It Didn't All Seem So Pale Ale

dupes and lizard-men

Metaphoracle is writing a big paper on minorities on comics--*all* minorities, characters of color, women, and teh gayz

All You Need to Know: New Avengers #23

Abandoned Graphic Novel: In time for Halloween

This is barely enough to warrant a Spoiler Warning



Anonymous said...

Ladies, thank you for linking to me. I appreciate it.

SallyP said...

I'm so glad that you saw and linked the Beau Smith article! When I saw it, I thought of the both of you immediately. Wasn't the art pretty?

megs said...

Big ditto on the Beau Smith.

Shannon said...

Hey! thanks for the link!

Shannon aka knitgrrl

(soon to be a major motion picture, lunchbox and Sanrio character, ha ha)

Ferrous Buller said...

Woo! I'm somebody's "WFA link of the day!" In your faces, everyone not me!

#1 with a bullet for a day,