Monday, December 13, 2010

Women & Gender in Comics

Women and Gender in Comics:

Women in Comics II (Conference, call for papers)

Women in Comics: Female Graphic Novelists Writing with Kids and Teens in Mind


Comic Book Experience on the Bus from college

Taylor Lautner, X-men First Class, Girls and Comics

X Women #1 - a homeless man saw me reading this outside, and thought it was a porn.

Meet Tory Woollcott, author of Mirror Mind: Growing Up Dyslexic

Sue Dibny

Lauren Montgomery

DC 30 Day Meme Day 8- My favorite artist

The History of Huntress’ costume

Batgirl #12

DC 30 Day Meme Day 10 -A title you wish you could bring back

On Being an “Angry Young Woman”

DC doesn’t want me to be angry either

rggh DC you sexism no wait I am actually happy

Felicia Day Talks 'The Guild' Season 4 and Its Next Comic Series [Interview]


Spotlight on Jillian Tamaki at Comic-con

Spotlight on Moto Hagio at Comic-Con

Review: Team Girl Comic Vol. 1

Review: Cat Burglar Black

She Wants to Talk. About Why She Kills People: Scarlet #1 [Review]

Blood Banks: An Interview with Vampire Huntress Author L.A. Banks

Artist of the week Jennifer Cruté

Your Manga Minute — Skip Beat!

The Crawlspace profiles Alexandra Sokoloff

Boom! (Kids) Could Be Dynamite

July: Skim, by Mariko Tamaki (author) and Jillian Tamaki (artist)

Magdalena #1

A Webcomic Worth Your Time

*Twin Spica Book 2 — Recommended

Brain Camp

*Paradise Kiss Books 1-5 — Recommended

The boys of manga: We love ‘em ‘cos they’re vague

Artist Nicola Scott Talks TEEN TITANS

Troublemaker Book 1

Barbara Gordon does it in heels and without a gym

I miss Rucka at DC.

SPIDER-GIRL Fans Beginning to Calm Down About New Series

Talking Comics with Tim: Jen Van Meter

Why a site like Scans_Daily is so important…

Disparate Creators Go "Beyond the Panel"

Rich Kreiner: Minis Monday


LBFA Presents: The History of Rachel Summers Explained [Comic]

CBR’s 100 Most Memorable Moments in DC Comics - What’s missing

More Female Comic Readers: Modest Proposal #1 - Tap into the Girl Scouts

Join The Revolution!

Happy 10th Anniversary, Narbonic

Comically misunderstood

More Female Comic Readers: Some Modest Proposals

Feminist Dollars

Otomen Book 7

Shifting demographics mean harem manga is just no fun any more

What Makes a Jungle Girl Different? More on Savage Beauty

*Suppli Books 4 & 5 — Recommended

Trouble Maker Book 2 Preview

A Real Life Comic Book Superhero

Please Tell Me I'm Not the Only One Who Sees This

Supergirls Unite!

Book of the month: Tamara Drewe

In Certain Given Moments, All of Us Women Are Super-Heroines

Love On The Racks

Because I knew you: Do we need more friendships between young women in DC Comics?

Cathy to utter final “Aack!” after 34 years

Power Girl: A New Beginning

The Bechdel Rule And My Comics

Serenity: Those Left Behind

Dear Penny Arcade WTF

Artfully done - Good news for Bat-women

A Comics Pioneer and Some Reviews

Where is my red lantern ring?

Getting More Female Comic Readers: Modest proposal #3 — Those that Serve

Eartha Kitt As Catwoman

Acks All Folks

All Girl Issue

Comic book superheroines are out of luck

Publicly Reading

Put aside some money for this in November

Spotlight Rutu Modan

In Defense of Cathy

Panel of the Week 8/23/10

Read Comics In Public Day

November 2010 DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

November 2010 Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

Review: Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

Review: Daughters of the Dragon Samurai Bullets

Women in Comics: Female Graphic Novelists Writing with Kids and Teens in Mind


Meet Tory Woollcott, author of Mirror Mind: Growing Up Dyslexic

Sue Dibny

Lauren Montgomery

After looking at the Batman announcements the last two days, a question occured…

Boys Only Batbooks

Batman: Cat and Bat

Nicola Scott

A Softer World: Rape Origin Stories

Amelia Rules! Returns With The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular and True Things (Adults Don’t Want Kids to Know)

Genius' Fights the Power [Review]

Really, Why Bother?

Fightin’ Femmes: Unmasking Female Superheroes with Comic Book Historian Mike Madrid

The Bechdel Rule and My Comics

I Would Read THE HELL Out of This!

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 7/21/10


Keeping Your Eye On the Ball

Take half a dirty dozen...and you get the Secret Six

Girlfriend Comics!

Finch Hawkgirl

Superheroes Poor Role Models for Boys

Women Still Secondary Characters in Comics

Comic Strip Shocker: Women Still Marginalized!

Fractured Franchise: Dark Horse Reclaims Angel to Go With Buffy

MAD MEN’s January Jones is Emma Frost in X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

Getting More Female Comic Readers: Modest proposal #3 — Those that Serve

Explaining Gender Difference

Talking Comics With Tim: Megan Kelso

Harley Quinn Preludes and Knock-Knock Jokes

Girls: Cameron Stewart

Are The Avengers a One-Woman Show?

Harem manga creator says harem and moe manga are so over

The 5 tsoM tnatropmI annataZ srevoC

Jamal Igle Drawing BIRDS OF PREY Starting In December?

You know the Knight time.

Crafting Comics: Getting Started OR Choosing Between Drawing Practice and Aquatic Larceny

August: Smile, by Raina Telgemeier

Hideous and Hilarious: Allie Brosh's 'Hyperbole and a Half' Webcomic

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project, Part 2

Panel Of The Week – 10/6/10

Amber Love interview (part 1)

Amber Love interview (part 2)

Amber Love interview (part 3)

Teen Girls to Get Comics Magazine-- Based on Stereotypes.

Don't Be That Guy: Erik Larsen Blames 'All-Woman Jury' For Court Ruling

Nobody Wants a Girl Auto Mechanic! - Career Girl Romances #66 (December 1971)

Face Down In the Mainstream: What if? Astonishing X-Men is Astonishingly Good

Jane Wiedlin's Lady Robotika

Gluey Tart: Otodama: Voice from the Dead

STARSTRUCK Strikes Back!

Choosing a Career - The Romance Comic Book Way!

Bound Beauty by Mick Takeuchi

Character of the Week: Sooraya Qadir aka Dust

Nina Paley’s Mimi and Eunice webcomic

Superheroes are Bad for Boys. Or, Possibly Good for Boys.


Yadro joins Dark Horse

The Fifth Color | Rest in peace, Betty Banner


LIAN HARPER - Do I even have to explain this one?

Gendered or genred?

Panel Mania: EmiTown

Pretty Girls: Khari Evans

I was looking for Jean Grey & Emma Frost fanart and came across Adam Hughes’s deviantArt page.

She Has No Head! – Two Chicks Talk About Comics And Stuff

I'm with you on the boobs issue.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Cliff Chiang any more.

This Graphic Novel Will Turn You Into A Teen Again

The Bechdel Test

A question that came to my mind last night that I didn't have an answer for.

Schoolgirl Rebel With a Razor Blade: New TokyoScope Talk Kicks Off SF J-Pop Summit Week

All Is Full Of Linky-Love: 3 Questions With Kris Dresen by Dale Lazarov

September: Madame Xanadu, by Matt Wagner et al.

DC women on ice that need to be dethawed

How To Make The Upcoming "Black Widow" Film Not Suck

Black Widow solo film in development

My two cents on Comic Shops and women

Pretty Girls: Barbara Canepa (and Alessandro Barbucci)

Die, Little Girls! Die!

damsel in transition

'Lost Girls' Cleared by British Customs Despite Law Banning Sexual Imagery [Exclusive]

Comics journalist Vaneta Rogers talks about the industy and her place in it

Nice Art: Jennifer Tong’s rainbow & i

31 Days of Halloween: Andrea Tsurumi

Walking about the comics beat with Heidi MacDonald

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project, Part 1

Discussion Thread: Wonder Woman

Women artists: We’ve got our own club, thanks!

Breaking Into the Boys Club: The New Crop of Female Comic Creators (Part 1)

The rise of the fangirls: Love of superheroes, science fiction and comic books isn't just for guys anymore

How to make new comics readers: The Ladies Comics Project

Big Barda and some Female Furies

The First Lady of Gotham

Yaoicon, I hate you again >:(


*Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites — Recommended

Book of the Month: From Girls to Grrrlz

Review: Koko Be Good

Betta Recognize: Jackie Ormes

October: Octopus Pie, by Meredith Gran

Book Club #3: Power Girl


Cultural Education through Persepolis and Stuck Rubber Baby

Comics Read by Women

Three from Radical Comics

Comics shop comics: Some recent books that aren't on my pull-list but that I bought off the shelf of a strange comic shop I visited

Review: How I Made It to Eighteen

A Conversation with Khia! Jackson

Graphic Novel Fave - Castle Waiting

The Reading Pile – September 20

Review: The Popularity Papers

See Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty and Abby Denson in Brooklyn, Thursday, September 30! Slide Shows! New Comix! Signings! Rude Jokes!

Okay then

Comic books are for girls - Essay Fiesta, September 20, 2010

Twilight & the Plight of the Female Fan

Turning Japanese: A Starter Guide to (Shoujo) Manga

Review: You’ll Never Know v.2: Collateral Damage

question of great importance

Book of the Month: Scary Godmother

Review: Chicagoland Detective Agency #1

In contrast to the last image, here are the women of DC.

I hate that I have do this, because respect and decency should be a common goal for people.

Making Light of Rape in the Purdue University Newspaper [TRIGGER WARNING]


Breaking Into the Boys Club: The New Crop of Female Comics Creators (Part 2)

So today I discussed Power Girl’s boobs with Amanda Conner.

Betty and Veronica: Battle of the BFFs

Thinking of Steph

No Mans Land - Huntress

No Mans Land - Huntress

No Mans Land - Catwoman and sex

Upcoming comics

Thursday thoughts

Shojo manga: a tangent

In which I seem to have spontaneously morphed into a grouchy old fanhag, and briefly sing the praises of Vampire Game

Doubly Good

Bite Marx

Overthinking Things 10/3/10

A Brief Post on Gender and Gun-Swords

She Has No Head! – Spotlight: Rutu Modan

Panel Of The Week – 8/23/10

She Has No Head! – Was Stumptown Worth The Wait?

She Has No Head! – Superhero Fashion Week Edition

She Has No Head! – J.H. Williams III and Dan Curtis Johnson’s Chase

Kitty Pryde

ICv2 conferees happily go digital

Webcomics and the living author

…Which leads to my favorite Maggie Sawyer scene ever

Why I love Ms. Marvel

I knew this was coming on that DC boys club post

Seriously, dudes. Check yourselves.

DC Comics & The Destruction of Mary Marvel

She Has No Head! – Ladies Comics Project, Part 3

The “Real Power” of “The Real Power of DC Universe”

Life in Comics: Graphic Novelists Anonymous

I Hate Luann So Much

Girls who love comics

The truth behind Power Girl’s bust

A character I really like: Starfire

This is why I haven't replied yet

Colleen Coover’s Batman and Robin

Les Femmes

Talking Comics with Tim | Jill Thompson

Margaret Atwood's Superhero Costume Designs

Johanna Talks on Women in Comics

Oracle and Superman #704: Who are these women?

Comics for Girls: Modeling isn't a real job! But adhere to model body standards!

D+Q announces Lynda Barry collection

Amazing Spider-man #647 Preview

Nairi Gardiner Named SVP, Finance, WBCP and DC Entertainment

Margaret Atwood Creates Superheroes Based on Her Twitter Fans [Updated]

'Ultimate Spider-Man' Artist Sara Pichelli Has Mad Skills to Spare

Review: Cuba My Revolution

Jen Wang Be Good

Marley Zarcone Draws Mystical, Manga and Malaise Equally Well

Women’s Issues LinkBlogging: Comic Sexism and the Demise of Superheroes

Let Them Eat Beefcake


The Point Radio: The Guild & Felicia Day - What's Next?

Superhero Sex and the City

“Previously, D-Man’s sister’s long-lost clone…”

To the Cute Girl in the Comic Shop

How to get women into comics: Part a Billion

Dale Eaglesham’s original designs for Gail Simone’s Secret Six and some thoughts on Scandal Savage

Heralds: Baby's on fiyah, betta throw her in the watahh

Lady or Lad? A Guide for Readers

How Talia al Ghul is written at DC

November: Doctor Who: Oblivion, by Scott Gray and Martin Geraghty, Lee Sullivan, John Ross, Robin Smith & Adrian Salmon

Chris Claremont On The X-Men's Female Fanbase

Talking Comics with Tim | Janet K. Lee

Theme Week: Dick Grayson, the man who loves DC women who kick ass

Dick and Donna and “Who is Donna Troy?”

Why do comic fans get stereotyped so much?

Hellen Jo Draws Pretty Ladies and Their Inhuman Companions

I never hated Talia, but I didn’t particularly like her either

I think I’ve mentioned before that I thought the only good thing to come out of Cry for Justice was Mikaal and Congorilla.

Dick Grayson Loves Women: Dick shows his respect for Donna and his lust for Kory

"I'm not jumping on the hating bandwagon or anything but as a female comics fan it actually hurts me to buy a comic with a cover by Greg Land.

Dick Grayson Loves Women: Kory and the power of sexual healing

Day One: Favorite lead female character

My 13 Comic Birthday Wishes

Dick Grayson Loves Women: Babs and Dick - romantic friends

NY Times Manga Bestsellers: Bakuman, D.Gray Man and Otomen Debut

Marvel’s SHE-HULKS Now a Miniseries

Nolan Looks for "Dark Knight" Female Leads

Really DC? Really? Cover for Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors 7

Six by 6 | Six x-rated comics you can read without shame

The Fifth Color | The Ladies and the Little Guys

Ugh, it only just occurred to me that Talia al’Ghul could be a strong contender thanks to Ra’s’s appearance in the first film

Speaking of the boob things...

Pretty Girls: Kenichi Sonoda

The Perverted Needs of Forty-Five Year Old Men

The Gender of Costumes: A Tart Roundtable on Male vs Female Versions of Costumes

Women and Street Harassment

Lady Spanking: From Kiss Me Kate to Comic Books

This is the very first appearance of Katma Tui,

Chloe Sullivan, welcome to the DC Universe

Strips out for the lads

Purdue Student Paper’s “Sex Position” Cartoon Prompts Outrage, Apology

Stick figure comics and the default human

Chicago Comic-Con 2010: Jill Thompson


Unpopular opinions/not so much love letter to comic fans:


A Conversation with Khia! Jackson

She-Hulks #4

Lady Creator Profile Friday: Kim Yale

Why Comics? Why?

Only 13% of November Comic Book Releases Include Work by Women?

She Has No Head! – My 20 Favorite Comics Females

Cliff Chiang Draws One-Page LADY GAGA Comic for GQ

Because purple looks better than pink?

Rogue Element #66: Chicago Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Dredd would be proud

Tim Drake: Celibacy Icon?

Six Starlettes Up for Lady Friend and Lady Foe Roles in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Jennifer’s Writing Round-Up

Kid’s Stuff: Making Comics for All Ages

Chantaal’s Favorites: Civilians

Comic shop comics: Oct. 27-Nov. 3


Nut up or shut up with Squirrel Girl T-shirts

Gabrielle Bell, Peeping Tom

The wisdom of Julia Wertz

Six by 6 | Six x-rated comics you can read without shame

The Fifth Color | The Ladies and the Little Guys

Start Reading Now: Stop Paying Attention

Joelle Jones’s Troublemaker sketches

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | Getting to know Kelly Sue DeConnick

Collect this now! Sweet Cream and Red Strawberries

Children and women last, again

3 Chicks Review Comics Debut Episode!

I read a book recently called “Women in Comics” or something

26.Nov.2010 The C-List: Complete Lynda Barry at D+Q

Review: Graphic Women

Scarlet Witch Costume Retrospective Part IV

[...] you’ve done nothing but disrespect Felicia

The most memorable moments in DC history for female characters


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