Monday, December 13, 2010

Not Strictly Comics, NYCC, & Penny Arcade

Not Strictly Comics:

Finally- "Yellow Face" Avatar Documentary Released!

How Angelina Jolie fought to keep Salt from becoming "pretty"

Signal Boost: Surfing the Third Wave: The Present-Day Feminist Movement Online

“It’s Not Real”

Is 'Glee' a Little Bit Racist?

Avatar Returns!

The Bechdel Test Becomes A Bigger Deal

Blackstar Warrior and the Secret Legend of Lando Calrissian

diversity in film and television article

Hannah Montana is the First Real 21st Century Superhero

Why You Should Be Concerned About Frank Miller’s Gucci Ad

Tomorrow's media needs to be wired, inspired and for women

Why Books By Women Aren't "Serious"

Studio diversity of the past decade

The harsh reality behind fairytales

Can a Woman Be a "Great American Novelist"?

In things with magic and stuff, there seems to be this inclination to make it so all the people with powers who are mistreated are cis white, straight, abled, middle class people or they’re all mistreated exactly the same as anyone with other marginalizations and powers.


New Study Reveals Lack of Characters With Disabilities on Television

Connecting with female characters in geek television

The gender of our news

Strong Feminine Female Characters

An Open Letter to Wired Magazine

Why "Eat, Pray, Love" Makes Me Want to Gag

Race, Gender, and Book Reviews

Depictions of Gender and Ethnicity in The Last Airbender

Gendered Toy Advertising


Oookay… tasteless?

Some highlights from NYCC

Quick notes from DC Universe Panel


Wrong on the Internet, Part One: The Penny Arcade Kerfluffle

Rape is Hilarious, Part 53 in an Ongoing Series

How not to reply to an accusation you think is unfair

Breaking It Down

Penny Arcade surprised to find that rape jokes offend people

Penny Arcade Markets Rape Culture

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