Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday October 14th, Part One

(Sorry, I've got a bit of a backlog here, so as not to overwhelm, I'm posting it in two parts.)


2009 Lulu Awards Nominees: VOTE NOW!

Things I Learned From Comic Books

Is Chameleon Marvel's Doctor Light?

They’ll do it every time!

What comic book heroine would you like to see in her own solo adventures?

Girls With Slingshots: Five Years, Two Girls, One Cactus

Barry Sonnenfeld Trades Pushing Daisies for a Superpowered Soccer Mom

Comic Fail

Comic fail fail: Feminism fail

Mera, Queen of the Seven Seas

Hey, a wanky comics post!

Stop Crying Over Cass, Batgirl is a Barbara Gordon Book in Disguise

Stan Drake’s The Heart of Juliet Jones

Sales for DC and Marvel (as of August 2009)

Your Mileage May Vary: Detective Comics #857

Personal Agency and Women in Refrigerators

The Super-Woman Porn That Almost Was

Talking Comics with Tim: Dustin Harbin--the Sequel Interview

Superhero Meets Supermodel: A Short History of Comics' Weirdest Crossover

Abhay spent the Imaginary Comic-Holiday writing about DAR: A SUPER GIRLY ETC.

Absolute Promethea

More like Models, Stink…Am I right?

About Babs/Dinah and Gail Simone

Cave Girl in 'The Devil Boat!' (Magazine Enterprises; 1953)

Random thoughts of superheroines and Mary Sues

Essay: Sexism/Racism in Anthologies and Balance

A Cartwheel of Contradictions: Who Is Harley Quinn? Part Two "The Loneliest Number"

Marvel Comic Heroes: The Sexy Ladies of Marvel

Girls, Girls, Girls?

Gluey Tart: Prince Charming

Face Down In The Mainstream: Supergirl

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