Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20th


Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: The Cowl, Super Maxi-Pad Girl, and the return of Rooster Jack (Yes, you read that right. "Super Maxi-Pad Girl".)

Q&A: Marisa Acocella Marchetto on Cancer Vixen, Her Fund, and FREE Mammograms This Friday

Oh, don't we just wish...

Nomad: Girl Without a World #2

Green Arrow/Black Canary #26

Cartoonist finds thought bubble mightier than the sword

Forget Spider-Man, Let’s Talk About Marvel Comics Women!

Universal Grabs Rashida Jones' Comic Book Frenemy of the State

For the Boys

YA-AAAA! Friday!

Comic-Con: grown-up geeks meet at female superheroes convention

Ideals and Identification

DC Really Hated Their Readers, Episode II

The One Thing the Fourth Batman Movie Got Right

Vests, knickers and what I learned from Comic Book Message Boards

Wonder Woman:


This Sunday, it's Wonder Woman Day

Wonder Woman's (Almost) Return to Television

But Does She Wear a Wonder Bra...?

Buffy Comics:

Buffy Omnibus volume 2 review

Buffy Omnibus volume 4

Buffy Omnibus volume 5

Buffy Omnibus volume 6

"The War on Science Fiction"

Is Science Fiction Feminized Or Is It Sexist? Both.

Free to Good Home: The Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Ruining the Genre Since the age of 7 Years Old


Racist Cartoons

Sexual Orientation:

Comics In the Closet, Part 1

Comics in the Closet, Part 2

Diversity in comics:

Big U.S. Show for India Comics

Pacific notion: The convergence of B.C.’s Haida with Japan’s manga

Chinese comics ready to 'open minds' - but sex is still out

My Cartoonist Week In Algiers

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