Saturday, June 14, 2008

Triumphant Return?

Thanks everyone for being so patient about our unexpected hiatus and a special thank you to everyone who sent a link in to me, Ragnell or Anna. We're slowly working on catching back up.

A Century of Women Cartoonists (Johanna Draper Carlson)

Boom-Chicka-Bow-Bow (Dorian Wright)

Comics Backlog #1: Batman and Manhunter (Amy Reads)

Comics Reviews 6/11/08 (Mildren Milton)

Friday Night Fights: Girl Power! (Bitterandrew)

It's Official (Biff Boulder)

John Seavey’s Storytelling Engines: Batgirl (Brian Cronin)

Mockingbird (Brainfreeze)

Quickfix: The Society vs The League of Titans (Mike Haselhoff)

Reviews and an apology. Also, I am famous (Nevermore999)

Rogue #1-4 (G Kendall)

Sinfest: The Great Abortion Debate

Spider-Skrull...or not. (Rich)

Spiders, Bendis and Skrulls, oh my... (Rich)

Superheroes Who Can't Get Laid (Valerie D'Orazio)

T'Challa & Ororo vs The Sexist Racists (David Brothers)

The Feeling that Remains (Bitterandrew)

The Great Women Cartoonists and the Great Women Superheroes (Johanna Draper Carlson)

The Tenuous Position of Children in Comics (V5_vendetta)

Three's A Charm (Scipio)

Torchbearers: Destiny Ajaye (Cheryl Lynn)

Waking the Feminist Inside the Fangirl (Cindy Cooper)

When Ignoring It Didn't Make it Go Away (Tucker Stone)

Women and the Comics (Johanna Draper Carlson)

"You cannot overcome my laser-proof breasts!" (Mike Sterling)


Comic said...

I've done a trio of posts about the way Judd Winick's been writing Green Arrow/Black Canary, if you think it'd be of interest:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

notintheface said...

And I've done a Greg Land post, but with a twist: