Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

My Heavenly Hockey Club Vol. #04

!00% Perfect Girl Manwha -- how low will it go?

Troubled Rant #3: Disempowering Figurations

Surrender to the Pink

Sand Chronicles, Vol. 1 - Manga Review

Nephilim Vol 1 by Anna Hanamaki Manga Review

Suzuka Volume 8

The gender of plot and character

Best Manga to Soothe a Broken Heart (Guys Edition)

Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross Mini Review (manga)

Cute or Creepy?

In the End Vol. #01

Puri x Puri, by KIRITANI Miki

Oyayubihime Infinity 2

Yakuza in Love Vol. #01

Wiscon 32: Shoujo Bodies

Love*Com 5 by Aya Nakahara: A-

RIGHT TURN ONLY!! Hell's Kitchen

Manga review: Hana Yori Dango = Boys Over Flowers, Volumes 15-16

Koi Beta!?, by YUMACHI Shin

Museum of Terror 3: The Long Hair in the Attic

Ouran High School Host Club Review

Selfish Mr. Mermaid 1

Wild Ones Book 3


kuro_neko003 said...

I was having some technical difficulties today. Here's the current link for 100% Perfect Girl Post I did. Thanks for posting this on your site. I really feel very strongly about how messed up that particulat manhwa is.

Anna said...

I fixed the link, thanks.

I only read the first 3 volumes of 100% perfect girl.

Vickey said...

I just reached this blog and I really like the work you are doing so thanks

Christina said...

I've too new here going to use it as my news source, great blog