Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12th, 2008

Not Quite Sure How To Take This: House Of Mystery #1 (Toriach)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

Characters I Love: Big Barda! (Joel Bryan)

red pleather, blue armor (Holly)

You can’t have it all, girls (Comics Curmudgeon)

My issues with manga. (part I) (Adalisa)

Adventures of Comic Book Girl - Teh drama, pt 2. (Nevermore999)

All the GIRL things (Redlib)

Power Girl Fan Art (sfa_webcomic) (NSFW)

Enter "the Woman Who Knows" ... and several who don't. (Mad Thinker Scott)

The Empowering Secret (Anon, A Mouse)

And now for something awesome. (Ragnell)

Women, Movies, and Iron Man
Where Are The Superheroine Movies? (Van Jensen)

Quote, Unquote (Tim O'Shea)

Frank Miller Loves Tough Girls (Elisabeth Rappe)

INTERVIEW: The Supergirlfriends of Batman, Hulk & Iron Man (Jim Littler)

Iron Brew (Tymbus)

I am Irooon Maaaan... (Tiredfairy)

Iron Man review (Mela)

Does whatever an iron can? (Trixie Firecracker)

innerbrat: Iron Man rocks, and if you disagree, you're wrong. (Innerbrat)

Everyblonde (Marionette)

Friday Links - But First, A Call For Guest Reviewers (Skye)

Iron Man: The Summer of Men (some spoilers) (WOC PhD)

Iron Man, Firefly and different layers of feminist analysis of pop culture (Jess McCabe)

And once again, Iron Man is an asshole (Fox in the Stars)

I Saw Iron Man! (Lisa Kansas)

The Continuing Saga of Brett (An earlier disagreement that this particular blogger had with activist readers is mingling with some of his off-topic posts in the comments, turning most of them into on-topic posts.  Not sure how long this will last. --R)
You must pity him! For we were all SO MEAN! (LurkerWithout)

Supply and Demand Trumps Liberation and Enlightenment (Brett)

Your Grandpa's Captain America (Covers) (Brett)

Open Source Self Ownership Project (Brett)

What? No seriously, what? (LurkerWithout)
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