Monday, February 18, 2008

Sick-leave Backlog Part I

The Super Nasty (Fortress Keeper)

Foster on black women in comics (Glyphs)

Black History Month: The Wall (FBB Remix) (Crossposted) (Pedro Tejeda)

A peek at the new DC superheroine Barbies (Nlog@Newsarama)

Extreme Jump In Logic Of The Week (Occasional Superheroine)

Aren't ALL DC Heroes Derivative? (Kalinara)

Join the team: Volunteer wanted ( News)

The Brand New Disgust continues in issue 549 (Avi Green)

Update on Marie Severin's Recovery (ComicMix)

Wandering Around Wonder Woman (Teresa Ortega)

Alas, and Anon: Y the Last Man, the Last Jester, the Last Issue (Amy Reads)

Modesty Blaise Presentation (Ink-Stained Amazon)

The Spectacular Comic Shop Girl #9, the Vastly Delayed Edition (Megan)

Prisim Needs Men! (Ray)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

Here Ya Go (Ororo)

Call for submissions: JWOC (Lene Taylor)

Pre-Post-Feminism (Dorian Wright)

On Rape as Motivation... (The Sooz)

Discrete Music (The Estate of Tim O'Neil)

Indestructable! Indefensible! REPREHENSIBLE! (Anon, A Mouse)

Good or Bad?: Radha (Hippokrene)


Fanclubs, Tabloids and Other Thoughts (Kalinara)

It’s always Ladies Night at the Comic Book Store (Chris Butcher)

Episode 7: 101 on Sorcery 101 (Four Color Heroines Podcast)

Romance Special: The Star-Crossed Love of Jimmy Olsen Junior! (Or: Maeby Not) (Chris Sims)

5 Things to Like About Teen Titans Year 1 #2 (Siskoid)

I'm Not a Prude; I Just Think You Should Be Shot for Your Sexual Fantasies (Mad Thinker Scott)

Why I Do Not Feel Feminist Outrage Over Sexed-Up Wonder Woman, in 60 Words. (Anon, A Mouse)

CR Sunday Interview: Valerie D'Orazio (Tom Spurgeon)
My Comics Reporter Interview (Occasional Superheroine)
Valerie D'Orazio on DC, Comics Culture and the Female Presence (ComicMix)
D’Orazio dishes (The Beat)
Blogger Q&A: Valerie D’Orazio (Blog@Newsarama)

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