Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Black History Month 25: Halle Berry? No Surprise.

But why ARE women from DC? (leftarrow)

Cat woman (asyouwish)

Comic for 24 Feb 2008 -Discussion in comments

Comic Heroine Vixen Gets a White Wash at Racialicious (Latoya Peterson)

Do You "Qualify for the Giggling Academy?" (K Parille)

Dude, I Really Need to Read More Pornificated Comics (Anon, A Mouse)

I guess if I criticize Scott Adams for this Dilbert strip, it creates some kind of irony. (Ann Bartow)

Leading Ladies (Wizard Staff)

Look out! It's an essay! (Chris Garrett)

Marston and Wonder Woman (asyouwish)

Marvel girl (-brainfreeze-)

Misanthropy: Part X

Wither Goest Batwoman (Occasional Superheroine)

Wonder Woman (kirkwood)

ZSASZ versus BATMAN/ROBIN (Mike Haseloff)


McBangle said...

Wasn't "Dude, I Really Need to Read More Pornificated Comics" linked yesterday?

Ami Angelwings said...

That's what I thought too o_o

Kirk said...

My reactions to a) Willow's rant on Vixen being "whitewashed" on Seeking Avalon, and b) Mildred Milton's essay on the female Ventriloquist in Batman, for those who might be interested:

Even a straight white guy wants a diversity of "sexy" in superhero comics