Thursday, July 19, 2007


A Fond Farewell to Gail Simone on Birds of Prey

Afraid of Cock III: The Reckoning

Batgirl cover fun, inspired by Chris and Heidi!

Batgirl on Show

Batgirl Showcase: take two

Batgirl: Times Change

Bored, watching animes again

CLAMP and Feminism the Second

DC & Marvel in October

If there’s a fanboy heaven I hope they get there real soon.

It could have been worse...

It's All About the Rape

Justice League America #11

On Venus Girdles


Sandy Flu and I'm Totally Not Going to be Disobedient

Sally Forth Hate Mail


Sexy Comics and a bunch of stuff.

She's Every Woman, But Damnit, She's Not Every Person


Tamora Pierce Vs. Gor

The Most Amazing Women in Manga


CryptoGay said...

i'm kind of angered by the repeated linking to this guy "Mad Thinker Scott." his posts are repeatedly misogynistic first, and evidence of his low reading comprehension second. i know we're trying to be balanced and all that, and show people who disagree with different feminist responses to comics, but this guy is JUST A DOUCHE.

kalinara said...

WFA is meant to link every post relating to comics and gender issues that we find. We naturally don't get everything, but we can't in good conscience not link a post that applies to our topic. Regardless of whether we agree with it or not.