Monday, June 18, 2007

Still not everything (this is what I get for missing a day)

No Woman, No Cry?

Hi, general query (Crossposted)

Girl-Wonder Podcast is Auditioning Hosts

Swimming Against The Manstream #2



Phrase of the Day

Wall Street Journal Discusses Publishers Courting Women

As Demographics Shift

Hot Girl in a Comic Shop Episode 1


Reviews: Franklin Richards, Re-Gifters, Tank Girl

Tentacle Rape and Mary Jane Watson: Comicbook "Respect" for Women

Feminism vs. ZOMBIES

Women in Refrigerators

New Comic Book Previews of Interest

How You Disagree…

All-Star Batman and Robin #5

Wonder Woman

Jimmy and Lois Nude Shocker!!!


Ami Angelwings said...

Hi :)

The first link in "Hi, general query" and "Tentacle Rape and Mary Jane Watson: Comicbook "Respect" for Woman" link right back to WFA :o

shilohmm said...

It also loses the plot after the "reviews:regrifters, tank girl" link on the LJ feed, ifn you wanta get anal about things.

Anonymous said...

Amy from "General Query"

Can't believe I made it here, thanks so much y'all. I feel very honored.

Betty said...

You've got an error in your link which is borking the lj feed.

Ragnell said...

Betty, I just fixed it now. The livejournal feed will catch up eventually.