Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 26, 2007

P.O.W.E.R. In Comics Call To Action


The Spectacular Comic Shop Girl #2

From Green Lantern: Mosaic #6

You think women have it bad now...

opinion: Girls in Manga (aka tl;dr)


“Good Jean. Good Girl!”

"Supergirls Gone Wild" -- Article in the July/August issue of "Mother Jones"

Reed Richards: Ladies’ Man!

Showcasing Covergirls and plotbunnies... here nightly!


Annotations - Justice League of America #10 (Comments too)

The Annotated Lightning Saga (Comments)


Random thought of the day

Dick Hyacinth Can’t Lose

Observing the process will change it.

The worst comic of the week; or, I would bet my sanity that Banzai Girl is better than this!


Scott said...

Taking a break or just a slow couple of days in the feminist fangirl front?

Ragnell said...

Taking a break. The release of THE GREATEST GREEN LANTERN COMIC EVER coincided with some intense RL commitments that will keep me busy and cranky until Sunday. (My free time belongs to Kyle now, because his misery is a stress reliever.) By no means slow. Catchup will suck.

kalinara said...

Much the same on my end. Moving and such is a pain in the ass. :-)