Thursday, January 25, 2007

Catching Up

And Now Black Canary Hits People

Cat Man and Kitten?

Commentary: White Tiger #3

DC Comics Looking For A Few Good Women…To Read Supergirl

Everybody Hates Lois

Four Reasons Why Heroes Bothers Me

Jimmy Olsen, Jerk

Shades of Batgirl

The Huntress, Paul Levitz

Who's That Girl?

Wonder Casting

Wonder Casting 2.0

You Know Me and the Nitpicking


Palladin said...

Thanks for the link.

Betty said...

I wrote something here you might be interested in:

ticknart said...

I don't know if all of you who read here have seen this comic strip, but I think it goes well with lots of the posts that are linked here.

If the link didn't work, the web-page is The comic stip is called Home on the Strange.

Ami Angelwings said...

I know you like linking to "creator responses" xD

So I just wanted to point out that Mark Sable, the future co-writer of Supergirl, responded in my blog to my bit about DC's column thingie about Supergirl :D


Ragnell said...

Thanks, the latest post shoudl have them linked (except yours, ticknart, because I'm pretty sure Kalinara's linked that one before)