Tuesday, January 09, 2007


5 Relationships I Want to See in 2007

Bats of Prey

Bonus Manga Tuesday: Courtney Love’s Princess Ai


Comic: Runaways

Comics Fairplay: Uniqueness and Conviction Demanded

Girls with Guns: A Look at the Female Action Hero

Hirin' and Firin'

How to draw Anime/Manga 14: The Female Body

Imagining Better Worlds

Kusanagi Motoko (Ghost in the Shell)

Rape Cancelled

Sex, Politics, and Religion in Comics (tangential)

St. Wonder Woman

Stupid Comic Tricks: I Married a Skrull!

Superheroes and Homosexuals

Teen Titans #2, DC Comics, May-June 1966

The Bookland Diaries (Tangential)

The Devil Does Exist

The Love Square: Superman in Action #5

Yes. Another Sexism and Comics Rant

Blast from the Past: Graphically Designed

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, good blog. The links are pretty cool. Especially the 5 relationships I'd like to see, though Babs and Dick Grayson would be something that I'd like to see back in play...if Simone or Dixon wrote it.

Plus wonderwoman...Bruce is her man I wager.

Ontop of that (crap suddenly I can't stop) Cassandra and tim Drake, come on! That'd be awesome