Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last of the Backlog

Good News for Supergirl Fans

Brian and Brannon, Sittin' In A Tree.....

Not Quite Ill, Far From Well: Jeff's Reviews of 7/26 Books.... (Black Panther review)

Uh...The Whole "Women=Bitch" Thing? I Dunno...

It's Two Years Later

A Response to Ragnell's Question (Unabridged)

Wizardworld Chicago Rundown

Cranky Comic Comments

Y is for Yaoi

I Don't

Time-Travel Challenge: Dazzler To Flapper

The Weeks That Were

Let me guess: Wanda and Clint will be a couple?

Why I'm Taking a Break: Exhibit A

Wizard World 2006 impressions

brace yourselves ...


Hello Dolly

From the stack: CASTLE WAITING

[Pilgrimage] And the prophet looks at his flock, and dost say...

More Thoughts on Cerebus

Why don’t women in comics get “stuff”?

The Quest for Stephanie ... 1

The Quest For Stephanie 2/ How Soon They Forget

The Quest for Stephanie 3/death of my DC Fandom

Monday Hate: That cover....

"So tell me Joss, how much did DC pay you to write that Identity Crisis trade intro?"

"Our gay characters could totally beat up your gay characters!" "Nuh-uh!" "Yuh-huh!"

REPOST: Girl in the Refrigerator




Is this really a good business model?


Robin One

More Robin One.

Bendis vs. Simone: Comic Creator Smackdown Or A Tempest In A Teapot

Four Color Commentary - Books Shipped 7-19-06

The Man or the Spider?

Sunny day... everything's... A-OK... OR IS IT?

What I Bought 12 August 2006

Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #8
Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #9
Red Sonja: She Devil With a Sword #10

Lois Lane

Some quick Supergirl updates from WW:CHICAGO

Sexy or uncomfortable...

Remember These? - Reviews for 8/7(She-Hulk review)
The Week in Ink: 8-09-06(She-Hulk review)
J'onn stumbles, I belatedly review Deadly Genesis, and a Greg Horn cover I actually like?!?(She-Hulk review)
Reviews for the 8/9 Comic Book Week(She-Hulk review)

July Sales Numbers are in and Supergirl is less than Stellar

So will it take more drops in sales before the comics industry starts to seek out diversity?

Heroes (minor spoilers)

Darn you Geoff Johns

In Space, No One Can Hear You Bitch about Superman

For the Love of Superman: Lois vs. Jimmy

Explains a Lot, Actually...

New Action Figures


Lois Lane and Lana Lang Sleep Together

Terra Incognito: New Teen Titans #s 32-34 and Annual #2

Wahoo Morris

Ballpoint Bukkake and Silver Showers


Some nice comic art

Devin Grayson rules!

Not enough comics companies commissioning stories from women

Raquel "The Rocket" Ervin

EIE: Infusing Estrogen into the JSA 1: Tsunami

Social Occasion by Diane Duane

You must be tired after reading this far. Here's two topical scan-filled posts so you can rest your brain:

JLA Elseworlds: Another Nail

Martian Manhunter is a team player

And I am finally caught up with my backlog. Sorry if there are repeats. Use the contact addresses on the sidebar if you have something that's been missed.

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