Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 27th

Crisis of Infinite Feminisms, Part I

Truth: On the body of a hero.

Analyzing Wonder Woman's Lateness: Set Your Bets!

A Bold Change for the Marvel Universe?

Greg Land: Unethical Artwork


Reviews: Civil War: X-Men #2, 52 #15

Adam Hughes Draws All Star Wonder Woman!!

Suffering Sappho! A look at the Creator and Creation of Wonder Woman

Comic Books for Girls

If it’s Thursday, this must be a ‘comics for girls’ list

Review of Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie

The Exotic Other Scripted: Identity and Metamorphosis in David Mack's Kabuki (Via)

Gully: 'Ant' issue too extreme

True cost of the Crisis: The Destruction of Earth-B

Superheroine Motivation?

Ocassionally, Lois and Lana called a truce

Open Letter To Geoff Johns

Can't Stop the Giggles

Looks like this does need to be said.

A Brief Review of Wonder Woman #2

Research Agenda #1: Statements of why girls can't read superhero comics

Big Pile of Awesome

HATE: Men that don't get it


Week 16: Oliveyoogh

Marston’s son opening Wonder Woman museum

Wonder Woman Museum in Some Guy's Basement

Yeah, see...

My day off!

Attack Of The Kung Fu Sex Bombs....

I Don’t Really Think Of You As Asian…

EiE: Infusing Estrogen in the JSA 3: A Sidekick for Wildcat?

Cora the Car Hop's hidden sexual themes

Kare First Love Book 9

In Brief

TV commercial - and JLA - first responders

The Week That Was

Things That Make You go Hmmmmm.....

Studying to be Batman (Comments)

Tunnel Vision

Wonder Woman Musings

Thunderbolts, Comic Books, and How I Helped Kill the Feminist Movement XD

All the world's waiting for you...

With great power comes etc

Stupid Publisher Tricks: Ant Apology

Wonder Woman #2

Lois Lane: Serial Bride

Great Hera!

"He currently has an identity crisis with that other Nightwing that confuses the hell out of me as to who it is." (Second section)

Katie Kazoo Switcheroo

Lea Hernandez is podcasting

Mystique: Unnatural (Sean McKeever)

Sexual Dimorphism and Feminism

Submit Comics about Women in Science

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