Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25

Birds of Prey:

Birds of Prey #2

Birds of Prey #2 review

Four new-ish DC comics that aren't on my pull-list that I bought and read anyway

Birds of Prey #2: When it’s just . . . . Enough.

Quickie Non-Batgirl reviews!

Color Trilogy:

Good girls don’t

MMF: Wednesday Update!

MMF Color Trilogy Podcast Posted

MMF Links: Mulling on Sexism

Comic Stores:

Hastings Moving Into Comics

Life in Comics: What a Girl Wants

My fantasy comics store: A girl can dream, can't she?

Of Bad Retailer Apologists & Racists

Girls and Comics, part 5

Girls Like to Shop … Maybe You Could Sell to Them?

DC's "Diversity":

Did DiDio Really Use McDuffie’s JLA And The Great Ten To Defend DC’s Diversity Record?

Dan DiDio: 'To Focus on [Ryan Choi] Is Inappropriate'

DC Doesn't Stand for Diversity Comics

SciFi/Fantasy Author Calls DC Out

DC Doesn't Stand For Diversity Comics

Didio on DC's current diversity

Race + Comics Notes: Black Panther & DC Comics Update

Disscussion on Legacy Characters in DCU

Dan DiDio decries internet criticism of diversity in DC Comics

Internet: Dan DiDio has been playing you

DC's "green, pink, and blue characters"

LGBTQ in Comics:

The Unofficial Handbook Of The Marvel Q-Niverse, Part 3

Gay Previews 8/2010

Are gay comic fans ready for the return of "The Rawhide Kid?"

Megan Kelso:

Kelso Tells "Artichoke Tales"

Megan Kelso talks turkey about the Times


How superhero comics have screwed themselves over:

Gender Norms, White Privilege, Ableism, and Commodification in Manga Monster Form: Twilight:The Graphic Novel Volume 1

Crowdsourcing: Graphic novels! edition

Not Strictly Comics:

These Are My Colours

“The Hidden Face of Cleopatra” By Kola Boof

The Daily Show's Woman Problem

New Twilight Book Suggests Hollywood Likes Male Fans More Than Female

Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia, and Alleged "Whitewashing"

Hollywood's big whitewash

PoCs and Race in Comics:

Race + Comics Notes: Black Panther & DC Comics Update

Live Action Blue Beetle Show

President Obama offers 'shout out' to THE 99

Black Panther animated series hits internets June 23, 2010

Back in Black

Grumpy Old Fan | The post-racial Green Lantern?

Was Monster Society Of Evil Canned For Racism?

[LinksRoundup] There’s a fine line between love and hate y’see…

Stuck Rubber Baby:


A review a day: Stuck Rubber Baby

Women and Gender in Comics:

Megan Fox sets aim for Rainmaker role

DIARY: Bird In Flight

(Misfit and Black Alice art)


BREAKING: Bruce Timm sets the record straight on the future of DCU Animated

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #180


Three not-so-radical ideas for marketing manga to grown-ups

Preview Art For J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman #1

The Cipher 06/23/10

“Somehow I Sense I’ve Been Split Into Two Beings”

“Ten things Matthew Brady previously did not know about Wonder Woman”

“Who should be the villain in a Wonder Woman movie?”

Enough of Romance...Howzabout Some Reviews?

Pain Is The Great Teacher: Smile

It's too early in the morning

Meet Amy Reeder, Supergirl’s new cover artist

In-Between: New Comics From Melissa Mendes

The Minicomics of Maggie Morrill

Kate Beaton In The @#%%^! New Yorker

Beneath the veil

Claremont to Release "X-Women" in US; Marvel Reveals Year-long Celebration of Women A Practical Joke

Megan Fox Wants To Play Rainmaker In Gen 13. Fox News Reminds Everyone She’s A Lesbian

Warning-Rant Ahead!

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 6/23/10

The She-Hulk's 10 Greatest Sexual Conquests

("Assassinated Cass")

Body Image Psychology and Romance Comic Ads: Wertham Revisited

Super Mega Batgirl review the eleventh

T is for Talia

Come Here You Little Fool! And See the Romance Comic Archive

A huge long list of comics recommendations for an 11-year-old girl, by Rachel Edidin

Supergirl #53 review

(Manhunter art by Dustin Nguyen)

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #22: Talking Hot Mess with TV/Radio personality Diana Falzone

X-Men producer begs DC Comics: Let me do Wonder Woman

On Stories


G20 and the Girls of Harjuku and Shibuya – A look into the future

Girls and Comic Books: How to Help Your Daughter Bypass the Underwear Suits and Find the Feminist Heroes

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