Thursday, April 29, 2010

April 29th, Variety Funpack Edition!

Barbara Gordon/Oracle:

So, I just realized...

Why? Why does this continue?

Two Oracles


BATWOMAN Ongoing by J.H. WILLIAMS III Announced


New Batwoman Comic Series Coming

Batwoman Series on the Way with J.H. Williams III as Co-Writer

Project Rooftop's Batwoman Art Takes on a New Meaning

DC Comic's First Openly-Gay Character Gets Her Own Series

J.H. Williams III to write and draw Batwoman—is Pete Ross imperiled?

What happened to media's love affair with 'flame-haired lesbian' Batwoman?


Buffy S8, canon Sues, and the impossibility of socialism under Campbell: or Protagonist Privilege

Analog's Pick of the Week - Buffy Twilight Revealed!

Buffy the vampire slayer 34 (review and spoilers)

Diversity in Comics:

Korean Comics: A Society Through Small Frames

Comic book publisher praised for reflecting 'tolerance of Islam'

Leaping Windows: Mumbai's first comic book library

DC/WB not making female superhero movies:

No More DC Comics Superheroine Cartoons, Says Timm

Not enough *headdesk*-ing in the world...

DC Doesn’t Want to Animate Super-Heroines

Batgirl: Year One


So, We're Still Not Going To Get Catwoman 2, Are We?

Timm: Green Lantern, Wonder Woman animated sequel a no-go

Hope Larson:

*Mercury — Recommended

Hope Larson to Adapt 'A Wrinkle in Time' to Comics

Hope Larson to adapt A Wrinkle in Time


Extreme Makeover: Jubilation Lee

Is That VAMPIRE JUBILEE? Are You Serious?

Kate Beaton:

Kate Beaton does The Great Gatsby

Never Learn Anything From History

You know who should draw Aquaman? Kate Beaton.

Aquaman Defends the Seas from Small Children in Kate Beaton Comic

LGBTQ in comics:

It’s A Tie! Prism Comics Announces 2010 Queer Press Grant Winners Ed Luce and Eric Orner!

Out of the Closet and Up, Up and Away

An Interview with Doug Wright Awards Nominee Adam Bourret

Mary-Jane and Spider-Man's Marriage/Non-Marriage/whatever:

The Real Story Behind Spider-Man and MJ's Post-'One More Day' Breakup

Marvel's O.M.I.T: Bleeding Cool all but confirms that it's exactly what we all thought it was ...

O.M.I.T. Revealed: Spider-Man and MJ's Retconned Wedding Day [C2E2]



DC Hopes to Push Back Against Trade-Waiting: Will it Work?

Not Strictly Comics:

15 Nerdy Characters Who Could Easily Destroy You and Who Also Just Happen to be Gay

6 Stars Who Could Be The Next Female Action Hero

Do Kick-Ass Action Heroines Move Gender Stereotypes Forward or Just Perpetuate The Current Ones?

The New Pornographers

Disturbingly, this used to be called “The Baster”

Larry N. Sapp, Independent Filmmaker, Abilities United

Hollywood Still Behind the Times in Treatment of Women

PoC and Race in Comics:

Today's Twitter Question:

Battle for Asgard

Man of Steel, Man of Bronze

Renee Montoya/The Question:

DC Comics’ Lesbian Superhero

GCPD Rewind: Montoya Then and Now

The unsung champion of queers in mainstream comics: COMIC RELIEF / Batwoman's fiery lover, Latina police officer Renee Montoya, is getting all the plum roles

Ross Campbell:

Ross Campbell is too sexy for his comics

She Has No Head! - Interview With Creator Ross Campbell


*Smile — Recommended

Middle School Memories Make me Smile

Swamp Thing:

Muck Encrusted…: Power, Gender, Jeans: An Ode To Abby Cable

Muck-Encrusted Mockery of a Phallus

Wonder Woman:


Review: Wonder Woman: Trial of the Amazons

X-Men Misfits Manga:

X-Men Misfits No More

Is Marvel Manga no more? Title cancellations confirmed

Del Rey closes the book on Marvel manga

X-Men: Farewell


Yotsuba&!: The Cure for Depression

*Yotsuba&! Book 8 — Recommended

I don't even know:

Tax-Exempt Status in Danger

Much Ado About Kravitz

Johanna Draper Carlson Vs Valerie D’Orazio. Bring Popcorn.

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