Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thursday, November 5th

Comics isn't a boy's club anymore.

Selling Marvel to Ladies and to Masses

Wonder Woman can be a god if she wants to, I am a crazy feminist and I review comics.


Frank Miller

The Pro

Some future potential

Wonder Woman wasn't always so Wonderful

Why Soranik Natu Should Survive Dating Kyle

Sometimes Marvel does good things

Yes, it does, in fact, matter.

One Good Thing and One Bad Thing about Blackest Night #4

DiDio on Cosmic Adventure Sequel

Gary Concord, Ultrapig!

Can women learn to enjoy comics?

A personal account of the Women in Comics Conference

Baby Comics

Whate I would do with DC or Marvel Characters...

Race Issues in Comics

Black History Month 2010

Milestone Universe Turns 16, Merges with DC Proper

Black and White and Startlingly Offensive All Over, Part Three: The Ambivalence Trap

Racism: Two Fisted Solutions in the Mighty Marvel Manner (Black and White and Startlingly Offensive All Over)

I Demand More Patriotic Comics Dammit. (Black and White and Startlingly Offensive All Over).

Gene Yang's American Born Chinese: A Few Observations

LGBT Issues in Comics

A egg, a rug, a jay and a warrior

Endorsing anti-gay comic books is a Christian virtue for Concerned Women of America

Ablism Issues in Comics

A case study of disabled superheroes


notintheface said...

From Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep's blog today:

perpet_fic said...

Responding to the Des Moines piece:

Caitlin said...

Thanks for the links! We'll put 'em up in our next post!

Anonymous said...

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