Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday, August 9th

Wonder Woman vs. the Internet

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #13 (with bonus twilight nattering)

Sadly Un-Wonderful

Wonder Woman

Threesomes for Justice?

A Brief Rant of Cry For Justice #2

Cry for Justice #2: not sexist at all, actually

Your mileage may vary: Cry For Justice #2

Grrrl on Film

Modesty Blaise: Princess of Spy-fy

Whiteout and Women on Screen

See Barbarella do her thing


How to embrace fangirling

Birds of Prey talk

Women of the DC Universe: Supergirl Bust


The Nightwing/Tarantula Rape Controversy

Review: Abstract Comics

EW praises sexist marketing as ‘clever’

Laydeez do comics

Feminism and Television: Female Superheroes?


Gluey Tart: Yakuza in Love

Race and Comics

Comics Journal #298

Most racist “mainstream” comics ever?

Equal opportunity offenders

The “Talented Tenth” returns

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