Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 17th - Comics and Manga Edition


Dear Publishers: Girls Read Comics, Too

Warren Worthington III: Female by Proxy

Sex Element: Just Because the Men Are Dead Doesn't Mean that Cheesecake Has to Be

I ♥ Finder

The Male Gaze and the Female Superhero

The Representation of Women in Comics panel: Chelsea thought it was dumb and then I agreed with her.

NYCC 09: Women in Comics Panel

Representation of Women in Comics



Why “Boys Before Flowers” Sets Feminism Back 20 Years

Dealing with Dragons: gender and sexuality in manga

Guest Column: Astro Boy, Now Guaranteed Not To Hit Like A Girl


After School Nightmare (manga, vol. 4) by Setona Mizushiro

After School Nightmare v10

Basara 1

Peach Girl: Sae’s Story 1-2 by Miwa UEDA


Otomen Vol 1 by Aya Kanno Manga Review

Wild Adapter

Yuri Manga: Gunsmith Cats Burst, Volume 5

Seirei no Moribito: a matriarchy myth via a feminist reading

Hiwatari Saki - Global Garden, vol. 01-08 (Chi. trans.) (no spoilers)

Alice on Deadlines Manga, Volume 1

Your and My Secret 3

Orange, Pixie, and Luuna

Tezuka, Osamu. Black Jack. Vol. 1. Trans. Camellia Nieh. New York: Vertical, 2008.

A Gentleman’s Kiss, vol. 1-2 (yaoi review)

Boys Over Flowers, Vols. 1 and 32

*High School Debut Book 7 — Recommended

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Eloriane said...

Hey! Crowfoot is busy at work right now, but I wanted to thank you on behalf of both of us at Gender Goggles for linking to her post on Superheroes and the Male Gaze! We really appreciate it. :)

Thanks again!