Sunday, January 11, 2009

Special Edition: More on that men/women thing...

Cootie-Free Zone, No Girls Allowed

Look, If You Don't Need More Female Superheroes, Send Them Over HERE, Dude.

Why can't I stop listening to this song?  (Comments)


god-damned cold.

Woman don’t need superheros? Oh, it’s on now, bub

There's yet another small internet kerfl

And Now For A Moment Of Rage

I'm just a girl.

out of the bubble

Men are from Yang; Women are from Yang, too, just a different part

Josh Tyler: Jerk of the Year?

Girls hate comics. I know because a guy told me!

Female Superheroes: Why I hope it doesn't happen

Yanno . . .

Why so defeatist?

Apparently we shouldn't have female superheroes

If we’re talking crap comic book superhero films: Dolph Lundgren Punisher must be spoken


Ladies in Your Face: I'd Like to Go Kill Bill on His Ass