Friday, November 23, 2007


Sorry for the lateness of this post, we should be back to a more normal posting schedule now that the holiday's over.


Are Boys really superior to Girls? (Rick Sharer)

Birds of Prey #112 (SallyP)

Character Assassin's Creed... More Misogyny in Gaming (Roy)

Checkmate - #20 Review (Ami Angelwings)

Clearly We Do Not Deserve Nice Things and/or People (Scott Jennings)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cheung: Can We Talk? (PhoenixWoman)

Exclusion of Females in the Gaming and Comic Industry (Nugget)

Green Arrow and Black Canary #2 (So Super Duper)

Its Official. Gail Simone hates men. (and has a food fetish) (Rational Madman)

Lois & Grant (Smallville) (Michelle Bacon)

Manhunter: Origins - a video review (Brady Russell)

Ms. Simone, Keep Wonder Woman's Monkeys!!! (Brady Russell)

On nice guys :] (Ami Angelwings)

Rhymes with "Chuck You" (Mad Thinker Scott)

Superman - #670 Review (Ami Angelwings)

This Just in. Chuck Dixon even more Da Man than previously reported. (But Gail Simone still hates Men) (Rational Madman)

Ubisoft threatens a lawsuit over a comic (ScribeFire) --contains link to the comic itself--

Von Allan to be Published by Webcomics Site Girlamatic

Who dies in Heroes for Hire? (Occasional Superheroine)

Win some, lose some (Marionette)

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