Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why do I come back from vacation?

Fighting for the poor oppressed male fandom part 2! (Ami Angelwings)

Furries!! Or ‘What I Did Over Summer Vacation’ (Taki Soma)

Brief Comment (Willow)

Goodbye, Mister Teeny Eyeballs (Blockade Boy)

Dead Robins (Tom Bondurant)

The Supergirl Shuffle (Rich)

So I've started reading Birds of Prey...(the Gail Simone arc) (Sarcasm Hime)

You’ll never work in this town again (Michael Davis)

K-I-S-S-I-N-G! (Cheryl Lynn)

Wizard World Chicago: Days Zero and One (Crazy Elf Girl)

I Finally Found It! (Thom Wade)

Quick Thoughts on Supergirl 20 (Katirik)

Everything I Know About Diversity, I Learned from Superhero Comics (Rachel Edidin)

Bratz: X-Men for Whom? (Karen Healey, Rachel Edidin)

Spider-Married-Man, No More? ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

"Oh, You Like Woman? Here Is Cookie! Good Job!" (Occasional Superheroine)

The Killing Joke: "Not for women"? WTF (Laura Hudson)

"You Bought "The Killing Joke" for Only A Dollar? Why Aren't You Appreciating That Instead Of Complaining About Sexism?" (Occasional Superheroine)

So, Wait, What? (Pervyficgirl)

Dammit, DC (Rachel Edidin)

'Batgirl'-reprint cover renews debate over sexism in comics (Andrew A. Smith)

Much too late, much too easy, and much too watered down (Avi Green)

You Had Me and You Lost Me: PvP (Redneckgaijin)

An earlier case of sexism, circa 1980 (Avi Green)

Girl Characters and me (Adalisa)

Who Says There Are No Opportunities For Female Writers In Comics? (Occasional Superheroine)


Mike Haseloff said...

I like the look of the names afterward much better.

And now I can quick-reference my dismissals on the basis of the author. Haw!

Ami Angelwings said...


You missed my Star Trek post again!!! XDDDDD

KPhoebe said...

I really like the new citation structure!

Lea said...

Might be nice if blog posts with graphic bits like Willow's had a trigger warning.

Rocketlex said...

Yay, you used my formatting idea!