Sunday, April 01, 2007

Quick Bit:

Amy Reads the Week (of March 30th, 2007)

Awoken By My Prince

Batwoman is a lesbian

Brief Wonder Woman Note

Comics Reading List...TODAY!

Comics type mutterings

How I Feel About Wonder Woman

I Only Look At The Guys

Me And Stephanie Brown

Mistake or Mistruth

The Resurgence of Ms. Marvel

Thinking About Hawkgirl

What I've Been Thinking About Lately


LurkerWithout said...

You know Karen Healy's latest would work better if she hadn't posted it 1 hour and 8 minutes early. Silly girls, not being able to tell time...

Don't hit! Don't hit!

Karen said...

Hey, I wrote it well into April 1st my time. The blog is running on a different timezone, and all attempts to fix the date quickly render the blog FUBAR.