Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sept 22nd

Mapping the Diversity of the Blogosphere: A Bloggasm Case Study

How diverse is the comics blogosphere?

Judd Winick is still not a misogynist

Mary Marvel vs. Judd Winick

...and then all her clothes fell off

More Fun with Greg Land

The infamous Paty Cockrum post.

The Merry Marvel Mangling Meme

Saving Starfire

Sabrina the Teenage Witch #78

52, My thoughts so far

No, they aren't "vagina" comics...

Amanda Waller/Suicide Squad article

Sept. 21, 2006: Hey, kidults! Comics! (NSFW)

Why Comics Drive Me Nuts at Times - Catwoman #59

A Catwoman Conundrum

Two Comic Thoughts

Persepolis movie stills

Comic Reviews 9/20/06

Ultimate Spider-Man TPB Volume 11: Carnage (2004)
Professor explains physics of Gwen Stacy’s death

The Huntress must go!

One day I'll have something positive to say...

What the comic book industry needs

Wonder Woman: Double Jeopardy?

We All Know He Meant To Write J.O. Anyway

So long, and thanks for being a dish.

Rambly Stream-of-Consciousness Response to thete1's post

Shanna the She-Devil by Tony DeZuniga

If you love Green Lanterns, then find this book!

Amateur Art Appreciation Addendum

Arisia, Bras, and Boob Physics 101

Arisia’s Fashion Nightmare

Post Hoc Something, Ergo Whatever.

Comic Butt-Shots #1: Dagger


Bully said...

In these post-James Meeley days I feel it is only polite to say what often goes unsaid: thanks for the link!

SallyP said...

Hee hee! Ditto!

Zeb Aslam said...

I would like to echo that sentiment. Thank ye kindly for the link.