Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4th

Soma v Brownstein
An Open Letter to Chris Staros

Sex Scandal Involving CBLDF's Charles Brownstein Leads to Women's Empowerment Fund (See Update at bottom)

Standing Up For The... Majority?

Avengers: Regenderize!

Where the hell was Jubilee?! or, Yeah, I saw X3.

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X-Men: The Last Stand?

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

It's Not Over Till She Sings: Greg Pak Talks "X-Men: Phoenix-Warsong"

X3: The Dark Truth
Looking for Help

Two New Sites about Superhero Comics

fandom mode: [comics/women] Girl Wonder.Org

Batwoman and
Silly Site o' the Day

Leszbikus Batwoman

Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Batdyke is a fucking fantastic idea?

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Lesbian wears cape: news at 11

DC newest Batwoman is a lesbian.

Batwoman Named in New York Times (New DC Comics Heroine "a Buxom Lipstick Lesbian")

Batwoman Begins

HURT COMICS: Batwoman: "...these are comics for all ages..."
Batwoman's other secret identity turns heads

First look at Batwoman's Ass

Ahhh!!! Lesbian Zombies!!

Holy Spoiler, Batwoman!

Batwoman's a Lesbian now?

Batwoman and DC Comics in Media Spotlight

Peej is a DCU lipstick lesbian too! Where's HER New York Times article?

Lesbian Superhero Takes Gotham

What A Girl Wants # 30 / Lesbian Batwoman?

Batwoman and General
Comicky goodness...

I've just accidentally come out at work.

Battlestar Galactica #0

As promised, Baroness goodness. (Comments)

Kryptonite Bites

Cheap Shilling Machine Go!

Girls Have It Tough

Wonder Woman, E3, and Geek Culture

Breaking down “Event” comics, Part One: Identity Crisis #1-7; or, why you should always stop one issue short of your goal!

Now it's time to Really Save Manhunter


Anonymous said...

Here's another topic on the Batwoman thing. (Think it's hungarian.) It has a picture added i haven't seen before, maybe it's an original made by the runners of the site:

Ragnell said...

Hehehe. I had no idea what they were saying actually (couldn't even get an online translater to work), I jsut linked it because I've been getting hits off of it.

magamura said...

The first Hungarian link is the copy of an article which first appeared on the Hungarian portal

The second is from the the blog of the Hungarian comic fanzine Panel.

Basically it is a summary of the whole "issue", and the illustrations are originals:

The Superman vs. Hulk is made by Zoltan Fritz.

The strip at the end of the article is made by Zoltan "Zorro" Fehér, and it is from his comic series Szivarvanykoz (Rainbow Alley):

Anonymous said...

My God! Why did you have to link to Free Republic? You should put a warning on that thing.

Ragnell said...

Liuke I said, I found it through our referral log. I don't speak Hungarian, but it was fairly obvious it was a Batwoman article, and the foreign language gave an impression of just how widespread the story is. We're a neutral site that links no matter what the opinion is, and so long as it was topical (that much was clear) it was eligible.

StillWater said...

Wow, thats interesting that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research: