Friday, January 06, 2006

On Sexual Harassment and Buzzcope

Buzzcope: What a Girl Wants #12, Well Grab My Tit and Call Me A Liar

Ragnell and I thought a bit about adding this topic to the blog. Basically, we wondered, does this fall under what she designed this blog to cover. And we unanimously agreed that yes, yes it is. This is women. This is comics. This is the industry. And it's sometimes very ugly.

Ronee Garcia Bourgeois's Buzzcope Column above inspired a lot of discussion:

What Sexual Harris Meant

Firing Wide

While I've got your attention, please look at this:

Don't Fire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes

The More Things Change

Read, Think, Comment



Franny said...

Oh geezus. Just what we all need in this world, the lovely combination of real world sexual assault (not just stories about it) with the tactful discussion style that is so prevalent among comic book I don't like being retraumatized about this kind of thing, I'm staying away from discussions on this topic.

kalinara said...

Fair enough. :-) The purpose of this blog is just to compile the links to where these discussions are taking place for interested parties. No one has to click on any of these links. :-)

James Meeley said...

I just wanted to add what a great job you ladies are doing.

The comics industry might not always be fair to women, but the blogoverse surely can be. :)

I will be checking in here, from time to time. Good show!